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Word Origin Analysis

3,751 words

Sorting the words into categories resulted in a loss of 51 words, from 3,802 to 3,751 words. Furthermore, attempts to hand sort the words resulted in further word loss. After two days of hand sorting and attempting to use spreadsheet formulas to calculate the number of the most used words in each category and losing more words, I gave up because time constraints would not permit completion of that method and the further loss of words would result in more inaccurate results. I googled "word sorts" and discovered to alphabetize the words, restarted the sorting process, and was able to prevent word loss with the file remaining at 3,751 words .

Words originating in Old English, Germanic, Latin,  Anglo Norman, Middle and Modern French, and Old French equal 95% of the sorted text. Old English and Germanic account for 57.6% of the sorted text.

Middle English, Scandinavian, Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, Modern English, a word invented by Spenser, and words of unknown origin comprise the remaining 5% of the sorted text.

Old English

1,290 words or 34.4%


870 words or 23.2%



2,160 words or 57.6%

Middle English

108 words or 2.9%


41 words or 1.1%

Unknown Origin

15 words or 0.4%

Old Saxon

5 words or 0.1%

Middle Dutch

3 words or 0.1%

Modern English 

2 words or 0.1%

Invented by Spenser

1 words or 0.03%


175 words or 4.7%

Words by Origin


457 words or 12.2%

Anglo Norman

407 words or 10.9%

Middle and Modern French

309 words or 8.2%

Old French

243 words or 6.5%


1,416 words or 37.8%

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