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Polk State College
Professor of English
August 2017 - Present
Composition I and II
Introduction to Literature
Creative Writing Club, Co-Sponsor
August 2017 - Present
The Writing Studio, Co-Coordinator
January 2019 - Present
Adjunct Professor
August 2014 - May 2017
Temporary Full Time Professor
August 2016 - December 2016
Contact:  Lisa Rosa, English Department Coordinator
Courses:  Composition I and II and Introduction to Literature (with significant dual enrollment experience)

Florida Southern College
Adjunct Professor
August 2014 - April 2015
Contact:  Dr. Peter Schreffler, English Department Chair 
Courses:  ENG 1005 Writing About Topics - How Technology Affects Language: developed and implemented curriculum for composition course on the the development of speech and writing to the advent of the Internet and social networking, culminating in the idea that writing itself restructured the brain (Walter Ong, 1985) and should be considered a technology and that we are currently in a similar situation with the Internet and social media
Southeastern University
Adjunct Professor
August 2014 - June 2015
Contact:  Dr. Linda Linzey, English Department Chair
Courses:  Composition I and II

College Teaching Experience

High School Teaching Experience

Lake Region High School
Teacher and Department Chair

August 2005 - July 2014

Contact: Dr. Deborah Kindel, Principal




Intensive Reading for Retakers with ACT Preparation

Honors Reading with SAT Preparation

Sophomore English, honors and average

Language, Literature, Grammar, and Writing instruction in all courses


Special Duties

Department Chair for Language Arts (combined English and Reading departments): August 2011 - July 2014

Department Chair for Reading: August 2007 - July 2011


Lakeland High School

August 1997 - July 2005



Freshman and Sophomore English

Newspaper and Literary Magazine: newspaper writing, editing, design, and advertisement and paper sales; worked with The Lakeland Ledger's Celebrate Schools program, which used student writing, editing, and design for publishing student articles about their respective schools; creative writing, editing, design, and advertising and magazine sales

Language, Literature, Grammar, and Writing instruction in all courses


Arizona State University

​January 2016 - December 2017

MA in English

Oxford Study Abroad with Arizona State University

St. Michael's Hall Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

July 2017 - August 2017

Including Globe Performance Practice with Colin Hurley, Globe Theatre, London 


University of South Florida

​2011 - 2013

Graduate Certificate in Teaching College Composition


University of West Florida

​2002 - 2005

MEd in Instructional Technology


Florida Southern College


BA in English


Teaching English as a Foreign Language
40 Hours:
Completed March 2014
Certificate Number: TO0027342
Florida Department of Education
English, grades 6-12
Educational Leadership, All Levels
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Endorsement
Reading, Endorsement
Certificate Number: 784802
Polk State College PAL Level 3 Certification
PAL 1-3 Certification allows me to teach online

Phi Theta Kappa Regional

Honors Conference Guest


July 16, 2018

Creativity: Using the Subconscious - musings 

on creativity and community and how to listen to one's own self along with a writing workshop using erasure poetry and guided writing

Safe Zone Training

June 2018

Training for dealing with students in crisis 

Editing for Math Department

Spring 2018

Edited Statistics course materials for Professor R. Decker

PSC Banned Book Week

September 2017

Read from Jeannette Walls Glass Castle as part of Banned Book Week activities 

PSC SOAR Session

Co-Presentation with Dr. Sally Fitzgerald:

What Is the Syllabus and Why Do I Care?


Through an interactive, electronic game, gain an in-depth view and helpful examples of a typical Polk State College syllabus.


PSC Student Government Story Time

Read from Carlos Ruiz Zaphon's The Shadow of the Wind as part of SGA's yLakeland pre-final exam week refresh day.


Creative Writing Club / Writing Talks

Member: August 2015 - Present

CoSponsor: August 2017 - May 2022

Presentation: Erasure Poetry: 1/18/2017

Also known as black out poetry, this type of found poetry uses pages of text ripped from a book as the base for creating a poem.

Presentation: Erasure Poetry: 8/24/2017

Also known as black out poetry, this type of found poetry uses pages of text ripped from a book as the base for creating a poem.

Presentation: Conquering Writer's Bock: 1/19/2017

According to Professor Eileen Murphy, in a Facebook post, "Professor Childree is a polished, engaging speaker, and the members enjoyed her awesome presentation" and in a personal email, "I found the subject personally very interesting, as I have struggled with writer's block many times in the past. I also felt the audience was engaged by your professional but friendly presenting style. You were a hit! Maybe we can have you back again some day?"

ENC 1101 / 1102 Grammar

Pretest: Patterns of Error

Developed initial Patterns of Error forms in August 2014 and January 2015; shared with department August 2015; subsequently edited by other faculty; re-edited October 2018.

ENC 1101 / 1102 Grammar Pre- and Post-Tests

Provided additional editing on Grammar tests from August 2015 - present

ENC 1101 / 1102 Open Educational Resources

Created textbook-free courses for composition 

LIT 1000

Created textbook-free course for Introduction to Literature 

ENC 1101 Global Studies

Created a global emphasis within the composition course

PSC Collegial Activities

Team Editing

"The Brightest Star"

by Phil Grimes

2016 Children's Book

Journey Box Publishing

At the End of the Day 

by Kevin O'Brien

2017 Screenplay

Fractal Features


"God's Standard for Living and Leading Based on Psalm 15"

by Sharon O'Hara

2007 Doctoral Dissertation



NISOD Fall Virtual Conference

October 21, 2021

The Writing Studio at Polk State College


The WRITE Time at
Book Chapter
(unpublished) "From Fractured Self to Wholeness: The Personal Made Political Through the Spiritual" in Coming to Voice: Transgressive Pedagogy and the Power of These "Bridges": edited by Dr. Gary Lemons, University of South Florida 

Additional Work Experience

Network Handers

​Content Writer, Web Site Tester, and Technical Writer

June - July 2012 (summer employment)

Contact: Ria Nancoo - owner 516-754-2430


Polk County Board of County Commissioners

Special Projects Manager:  October 1996 - February 1997


Harcourt Brace Publishers

Customer Service Representative for Sales Associates: April- August 1996


Polk County Board of County Commissioners and 

Polk County Clerk of Courts

Student Intern: October 1993 - April 1996


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