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History of the English Language Project

“Eighteenth Century English Grammars: The Creation of Culture” is an unrevised, approximately ten-page paper from ENG 501 Research Methods. The essay examines the idea that written standardization of English grammar in the eighteenth century was the result, among other causes, of a desire to make English the third classical language after Greek and Latin. I used the Oxford English Dictionary to look up every word and color code the text.

Since this is an academic paper about grammar, I expect many of the word origins to be Latin or Greek due to the effects of prescriptivism and the desire of British grammarians to make English grammar like Latin. Many grammar terms appear to be Latin-derived. I also expect there to be much embedding with the use of that and because the register of the text is formal, I expect few words of native origin.

Grade earned: 23/20, 28 February 2017, Dr. Ryan Naughton, Arizona State University, "[T]his is truly an astonishing project! I cannot believe that you were able to accomplish all of this! very well done! and very interesting!"

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