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Thoughts of Berlin


Dodd in Berlin: could he have

stopped Hitler with words?

The Garden of Beasts

'33 in Germany

what if we'd said, "DONE"?

cleans the swamp, he said

lock her / him / them up, chanted

the muck slowly spreads


2019: despotism

wash, rinse, and repeat

what if? Hitler failed

we'd risked our safety to save

a future repeated?

it shouldn't have been

about repaying our debts

Volk greater than Geld

These haiku are part of the October 2019 Haiku Challenge, which I completed in early November. The first is about my failure to keep up with the challenge. At the time I was reading Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts. Volk is German for people while Geld is German for money.


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