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Miscellaneous Haiku

I plan on catching

up but life invents, for me,

silly obstructions

step contest year 3

I will walk fifteen thousand

my poor aching feet

step one, two, three, four

two hours and then some more

my team will beat all

show cat some cat vids

jealousy, the big ogre,

so many scratches


wasp! get away from my house!

dammit! I was bit!

holiday season

begins earlier each year

secretly, I'm glad

These haiku are part of the October 2019 Haiku Challenge, which I completed in early November. The first is about my failure to keep up with the challenge. The second two haiku are about the step contest human resources sponsors each year. The fourth haiku is about my cat, Abby, who is fascinated by tv. She does not like seeing other cats, though. The fifth haiku happened when I was patching holes on the exterior of my house. I ended up being bit by one wasp and then discovered four live nests in the front windows of my house and under the water hose holder. The husband had removed all of the other nests from around the exterior of the house but did not get to the front of the house by the time I was patching there. The last haiku isn't original. It made it into my haiku series because sometimes, like others who want to secretly rebel, I don't mind holiday decorations in October.


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