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October was haiku-a-day month, and I participated for the first time this year since I was challenged by my co-sponsor of the Creative Writing Club. Below are the series of haiku I created, reordered by theme.

1 The Creative Mind

finally I sit

to write something creative

computer update

inspiration now

leaves me as I try to write

a cold heart remains

I think that I shall

NEVER SEE a poem built by

a person like ME

forced relaxation

a reason not to respond

to endless questions

2 Dealing with Teaching

Why would a student

not show for midterm?

Job more important

Watching students write

is akin to paint drying.

My life at a halt.

sifting through students

their thoughts incomplete, unaware

lizards before snake

Silence. Early morn.

Grading unending papers.

Praying for an end.

color coding week

new spin on an old idea

get better papers

students still don't know

how to follow directions

to earn decent grade

3 Various Topics

diagnosed with staph

hoping it isn't MRSA

infected anyone?

ghouls, ghosts, gore galore

celebration, spookiness

I hate Halloween.

the cat likes to bite

a rare cuddle turns rabid

she decides it's play

I find it quite odd

men follow on Instagram

though I've not posted

lies in robocalls

never applied for a job

Do they think I'm dumb?

polk-a-dotted dress

flows like a princess's gown

But it has pockets!

see his nonparent

prayed for a way not to go

Hurricane Michael

4 The Self

tick tock tick tock tick

stick stuck stick stuck stick

blah bleh blah bleh blah

sought but never claimed

Perfection sits by herself

I struggle for her

medicated bliss?

NO! The same damn upheavals

'ever readjusting

racing Time's engines

a candle, at both its ends

Fire! Flash! Bang! The end.

5 Marriage

what cannot be said

to those outside the marriage

Partner seeking help,

"I'm the only broken one?"

The marriage screams, "Yes!"

Soul's exhaustion hangs

low, bending all with loaded

weakness. The storm's eye.

worn out from trying

emptied of the fight in me

struggle to remain

deafening silence

how to bridge the growing gap?

all that's left unsaid

GUILT: all and nothing

a specter rising from the

PAST: sins upon the child

sadness, exhaustion

weighty topics unmanaged

my tears stream down

rough seas, green-black slosh

(wo)man overboard. life vest?

drowning silently

purged within, without

opening my soul in trust

clear skies lay ahead

the tumult drives us

tearing, shredding, reshaping

the marriage changing

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