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From the Past: 9 October 2014

In fall 2014 I began adjuncting after teaching high school for 17 years. I desperately needed a break. This series will examine my ramblings while I had my students write for a particular amount of time during the first year I taught composition. These will be curated.

* * * * *

The waiting is over. Dr. S- [first college] emailed me and can give me the same schedule. I am relieved. I am also sad because I do think….gosh I hate to admit it because I’m not good at those ishy ooshy feelings….I actually love my students at [second college]. See now, I am going to cry. Okay, my nose is now running. I will have the same number of classes, but oh my. At least one of the classes will be earlier in the day. I feel relieved and sad at the same time. I know what I need to do to make changes to both sets of classes, which I can work on over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.


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