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From the Past: 4 November 2014 Giving Thanks

In fall 2014 I began adjuncting after teaching high school for 17 years. I desperately needed a break. This series will examine my ramblings while I had my students write for a particular amount of time during the first year I taught composition. These will be curated.

* * * * *

  1. J- [a student]

  2. encouraging students

  3. students willing to share their lives with me

  4. Christian music: Mercy Me

  5. garage sales when it is not hot

  6. sarcasm

  7. good writing

  8. P- [colleague at second college] taking the time to take me to lunch and to explain his book

  9. good mental health days

  10. laughter

  11. M- [online friendship that developed from playing a farming app]

  12. LEE! LEE! LEE! LEE!

  13. relaxed church atmosphere

  14. honesty of [second college] students

  15. my hardworking [third college] students

  16. my smart [third college] girls*

  17. such an interesting conversation with H- [second college student] last week about “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”

  18. everyone focused on writing

  19. how God is changing me this semester

  20. process essays because they will be fun

  21. a house

  22. ability to work for 1/3 the pay I was making

  23. ability to work at 3 schools that meet my different needs (though it is difficult)

  24. winter in Florida

  25. Z- and R- [friends from church who lived near me]

  26. I actually exercised this am

  27. Mom and mom-in-law helping me earn money by watching dogs / donating items for garage sale

  28. I am so glad that I am NOT teaching high school

  29. Good music to listen to (and the fact that it’s Christian is a plus)

  30. songs by Journey and Sprinkles [student’s nickname at second college] for sharing them

  31. people who SEE me (J-, M-, Comp 2 students)

  32. No Shave November for GIRLS! YAY!

  33. ability to walk, move, take the bus for free

  34. supportive husband because being crazy is hard on BOTH of us

  35. despite being nuts, the fact that God was gracious in keeping me away from drugs and alcohol and sex because those are roads I could have easily gone down


  37. new ideas for research projects

  38. mani / pedis (even though I can no longer afford them)

  39. the ability to paint my own nails

  40. the fact that my mom doesn’t like drama

  41. The funny kids who were trying to decide to take the elevator or the stairs, and I yelled, “The elevator; it’s going down now!” Then all 3 were standing in strange poses in front of the elevator, waiting for me, when I got downstairs. I had been trying to tell the elevator to hurry up so I could do something to them. I love [second college] .

  42. process essays. Did I say this already?

  43. pizza and Coke (the drink, not the drug)

  44. I got to eat in Tuscana!!!!!!!!

  45. my cats…I love them and miss them. I got so used to being around them during the day.

  46. a willingness to embarrass myself because if no one else will, I will.

  47. I actually enjoy reading 750s

  48. my mom getting over the hurts of her childhood even though I disagree

  49. air conditioning in winter in Florida

  50. That I came up with 50 items! HA!

*During the 2014-2015 school year, my third college students were 4 girls (in the fall) and 4 girls and 1 boy (in the spring) who were dually enrolled in my course. I went to their charter high school to teach.

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