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Project |01


Project |I Play with Words

I can say "yes" in 3 languages and make a sentence in English:  


Oui si ja. / We see ya.


It cracks me up every time.


Project |02


Project | Those Who Can, Teach

Teaching is one of the toughest jobs there is.  It is also rewarding when I see students grasp the concepts we are discussing.  Lighting a passion for education in my students is a thrill.

Project |03


Project | The Search for Knowledge

First came the honors and AP classes in school.  Then came taking 3 or 4 English classes at once for my undergraduate degree.  Then there was the pursuit of a masters in education involving asynchronous learning. Next, I earned a Graduate Certificate in Teaching College Composition, and I became an adjunct English professor. Now, I am back in school to earn an interdisciplinary MA in English.

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