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I Play with Words

One characteristic we English majors seem to share:  wordplay fun.

One advantage of all of this technology is self-publishing.  I used to look down on self-publishing as something only those who were not good enough to publish would do, but I've discovered much more about the world through blogs, sponsored and unsponsored, than I would have simply by having access to traditionally published ideas.  


One way I play with words is by keeping a blog.  Unfortunately, teaching consumes most of my time, so I update the blog in spurts.  

Bad Puns

So what if Ben Jonson said that puns were the lowest form of wit.  I get this sense of humor honestly.  It's all in the genes.  Thanks, Dad.


Jonson may have been insulting Shakespeare, but if Will.I.Am's stage name (from the Black-Eyed Peas) can scarily resemble one of Shakespeare's poems, then puns must not be so bad.


Perhaps Jonson just needed a sense of humor.


I was hesitant to join an online reading community, but with Goodreads I can see what my friends across the country are reading and find reviews of books I'd like to read.  I do read quite a few magazines, so those don't get logged on my Goodreads account, but one of the pleasures of the Internet is that it has expanded my book reading world.

I love books.

My email address uses BIBLIOMANIACAL.  Enough said.

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